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Tool Location  
Scite Text editor (optional)
7Zip Decompress (you will really need this one)
Notepad++ Text editor (preferred optional)
XMLNotepad XML editor, optional
Luadec Lua decompiler, optional
RWTextEdit Edit compressed Trainsimulator files, required
RWTools Nice addition to LuaCreator
Unreal engine Necessary for TSWTools
LUA binaries Note: you need version 5.03
Umodel Needed for TSWTools to open UAsset files
SQLite DBBrowser Browse database files directly, both LuaCreator and TSWTools optional
Inno Setup

This is an installer generator. It is used in LuaCreator to create installer files for scenarios. You need version 5, which not the most recent version.

You need version 5 at the moment. Version 6 may or may not work.