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Timetable Tool


TimetableTool is a new application, that is intended help you to desgin timetables for simulation games. The primary application I have in mid is timetablemode for TSW. This will be a very useful tool as soon as we get access to the content editor. Feedback is very much appreciated!

TimetableTools in donationware. If you use it seriously, I expect you to help me cover the costs for develepment tools.

For individual non-professional use: Euro 5, or more. I will be happy with a one time donation

For professional use Euro 25,- per user per year.


TimetableTool v0.4.0-alpha Update August 5th 2020    
  Ruhr-Sieg Nord servicemode timetable Update August 5th 2020    
  North-East Corridor passenger servicemode timetable Update August 5th 2020