Train Simulator Tools


Downloads for TrainSimulator 2020, Trainsimworld 2 and TrainSimWorld2020

New: TSW2 Scenario Planner Guide v0.1 (August 30th 2020)
New: TSW2 Starters Guide (August 24th 2020)

Update: Timetable tool 0.4.0-alpha (August, 5th 2020)

New: TSW Route Guide Ruhr-Sieg Nord v1.0 (July 21st 2020)
Update: TSW Starters Guide v2.1 (June 18th 2020)
New: Route Guide Tees Valley Line (June 8th 2020)


 Train simulator downloads Download documentation (scenario author's guide) and the LuaCreator tool, using this link

 Asset packs download Download Asset packs for LuaCreator here (see the manual to understand why you need these)

 TrainSimWorld downloads Download the TSW Starters Guide and TSWTools here
  Tools download Page with a number of useful external programs needed by TSWTools and LuaCreator
  Timetable Tool Page with a tool to desgin time tables

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