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TSW2 Starters Guide

Rush Hour update, August 1st 2021

The TSW2 Starters Guide helps you to get started with TSW2. It covers all you need to know about this game, with lots of links to additional information, tips and tricks.

Route Guide Arosa Linie

New, April 11th 2021

Guide to the Swiss Arosa Linie from Chur to Arosa

Route Guide South Eastern Highspeed

New March 27th 2021

Route Guide Sandpatch grade (TSW2 version)

Update March 27th 2021

Route Guide for the Sandpatch Grade route. Covers how to setup Multiple Working, using the turntable and much more ...

Route Guide Ruhr-Sieg Nord

Updated November 15th 2020

This Guide includes information on the BR363

Scenarioplanner Guide

Updated October 12th 2020

A Guide covering the Scenarioplanner tool in TSW2.

Combining German Locos and Routes

Updated August 1st 2021

An excel overview of the layers for German routes. It shows which locos can be used for which purpose at which route. Not 100% complete, probably.

Route Guide Great Western Express

Created March 2021

Covers GWE route, including the Great Western Diesel Legends DLC.

ToolkitForTSW download

ToolkitForTSW v1.0

Last updated September 15th 2021

ToolkitForTSW is a set of tools for anyone using TSW2 (Not for TSW2020!). ToolkitForTSW in donationware. If you use it seriously, I expect you to help me cover the costs for development tools. For individual non-professional use: Euro 5, or more. I will be happy with a one time donation For professional use Euro 25,- per user per year.

Scenario planner planning sheets

In this section you find planning spreadsheets that may help you to create scenarios. See the Scenarioplanner Guide for information on how to use this. You can download this template to get started.

Bakerloo Line


Great Western Express

Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

Southeastern Highspeed

Isle of Wight

Sandpatch Grade

Tees Valley Line

TSW2020 Guides download

TSW Starters Guide (TSW2020)

March 5th 2020

This version of the Starters Guide is for TSW2020 only! See at the top of this page for the TSW2 version.

Route Guide Sandpatch Grade (TSW2020)

March 5th 2020

This version is for TSW2020 only! The route is changed significantly for TSW2 and this guide is NOT suitable. See near the top of thts page for the TSW2 version.

Route Guide Rapid Transit

March 5th 2020

The Rapid Transit Route is updated significantly for TSW2. A new version of the RT Route Guide is in planning stage.

RouteWest Somerset Railway

March 31st, 2020

The WSR Route will be updated significantly with Rush Hour. An updated Route Guide is in planning.

Route Guide Tees Valley Line

June 8th, 2020

Includes class 31 and class 20

TSWTools download

TSWTools is a set of tools for anyone using TSW2020


Update April 14th 2020

TSWTools is a set of tools for anyone using TSW2020. There will not be any further updates. For TSW2, please use ToolkitForTSW, which you can find a bit upward at this page.