Welcome to Holland Hiking. Holland Hiking is a touristic site. It provides practical information, targeted to people who would like to see the Netherlands by hiking or biking (with a bicycle, not a motor bike). The Netherlands (or Holland like many people say), is a very good country for hiking and biking holidays:

  • Laying half under sea level and half above it is a typical wetland area. Three major European rivers have their delta area in Holland. This makes a landscape with very much variation on a small area. Walk one day and you may see two or three different landscape types. make a bicycle tour of 60km and you may see 2-4 different landscapes.
  • Holland has an excellent network of routes for both biking and hiking. Even in densely populated areas you may find quiet hiking ways.
  • Holland is flat. For elder people this is a really great advantage.

There is one problem: most information about Holland that is suitable for hikers is in Dutch. This means that you don't have access to valuable practical information. You will miss the most interesting camping sites. You will miss cheap bed and breakfast opportunities and you will miss the most interesting route descriptions.

That's why I created this site, to provide you with practical information to make Holland accessible for you.  The information may be useful for anyone visiting Holland, but will be specifically targeted to hikers and bikers.

Want to help me?

Creating and maintaining this site is a lot of work. If you like, you can help me:

  • Providing comments on articles
  • Participate in the forum
  • Send me photos I can use for the site.
  • Write editorial articles.

If want to help me, please use the contact page on this site to inform me.