Not Flevopolder yet...

The province Flevoland is the newest province of Holland. It's not my favourite. Therefore the image comes from a completely different location.

Where is it?

Map province Flevoland

The province Flevoland consists of three polders. The oldest dates from 1943, the youngest from 1968.

In the North-East part, two old pieces of land are included. The former fishermen's island Urk and the former island Schokland. Schokland was abandoned around 1900 but never vanished completely under sea level. In the thirties of the last century the sea arm Zuiderzee was closed by a huge dam, simply called Afsluitdijk (Closure dam). Since that time the Zuiderzee is called Ijsselmeer and causes less danger for the rest of the country. The three polders were created to accommodate the need for agricultural land and for some new cities as suburbs for Amsterdam.


The landscape is what you may expect from a new polder. Designed for efficiency. Long straight roads, like in New York. Farms, some woods. A few villages and towns. Near Almere something unique happened. A large area was left undisturbed during a long time. It resulted into a rare nature reserve, the Oostvaardersplassen. Now can find large half wild cattle here. Horses, cows and many birds. the former island Schokland is on the Unesco list of heritage. It's a mixture of culture and nature. Near Almere a large nature rever is formed, called Oostvaardersplassen. At the moment only small parts are accessible for visitors.See also the wiki.

Towns and cities

Almere is a large and modern town growing fast towards 300,000 inhabitants. Smaller towns are Lelystad, Dronten and Emmeloord. The only old town is the fishermen's town of Urk, which is more or less undisturbed.

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