Route starts in Heerenveen and ends in Wolvega (day 1) or Steenwijk (day 2)

Lenth 17 plus 23 km

Route description

Route map

This is a tour for two days. Wolvega has a railway station, so it's no problem to split te tour in two parts.

Note: this route is withdrawn in 2012, though you still can download the map and description.

Ameland shore of the Waddenzee

Note: In the southern part of Friesland you will find a large amount of small camping sites, most of them farming campings. During summer they will be crowded, but out of the season lot's of opportunities. At this site I only describe the nature campings I visited.

Cornjum "Martenastate"

Phone +31 58 257 24 26

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Simple accommodation on the grounds of an estate. You can find it easily from the village Cornjum between nodes 10 and 01. You can find yourself a place. During the evening somebody will come to collect the fees.

Nes "Middelpôlle"

Phone +31 519 543 452

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Route: take the ferry from Holwerd to Ameland (ferry goes about every 1-2 hours and takes 45 minutes). When leaving the boat, keep to the left, around the village Nes. Turn left direction Ballum (Ballumerstraat). After a small wood at the right you see a small road "Westerpad" The camping is at this street.

It's really a wonderful place to be. Nice island, splendid nature, splendid camping ground with lot of space, beach at 5 minutes walking. Not allowed for caravans and campers. At Ascension, Whitsunday and during July/August you MUST make a reservation. At other times its nice and quiet and you just find a place. At arrival, complete a form, you can find near the office. When you see the forester, play your check please. Cash only. Shopping in Nes (2 km).

St Nicolaasga "Blaauw"

Phone +31 513 431 361

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Route: Follow the road direction Langweer from St Nicolaasga, which lays  8 km south of Joure and Sneek. The camping is immediately adjacent to the road. You should proceed about 100-200m after you see the camping. At your left hand you see a larger camping, cottage park called "Blaauw". register here at the reception.

It's a very simple accommodation. When I was there some places with 230V connection were completely flooded due to some rain. Places without electricity were in good shape tough. Langweer is a very nice village, St Nicolaasga is good for shopping only (2 km).

St Jacobiparochie ' 't Kaatsgat"

Phone +31 518 401 284

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Route: exactly at node 58 between and north of St Jacobiparochie and St Annaparochie

A very well maintained camping site. They also have two guest rooms (no breakfast), bad weather accommodation. Absolute top class! The environment is a very flat agricultural area, with dikes, grand views and near the Waddenzee shore. Shopping in St Annaparochie (4 km)

North-Sea shore at isle Ameland

Where is it?

Friesland is in North-West of the country.


The province roughly consist of three different areas. The South-West area is the lake district, with lots of large lakes, connected by rivers, canals and other kinds of water. This area is popular for water sports. For bikers and hikers, you must watch out, sometimes the lakes make it difficult to reach other places. Sometimes you need a long way around a lake or use one of the many ferries.

The North-West is very flat, no lakes, much less tourism, but very fertile clay soil. This area was inhabitated already a long time ago. People grow all kinds of argicultural products. The North-East part different, you mainly find cattle here sheep and cows. In the South-East the landscape looks more like the landscape you find in Drente.

You also may notice three islands, Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland. They are a bit similar in atmosphere and landscape. At south side, the Waddenzee, a sea that falls dry parthly at low tide and has a tremendous number of birds finding food there. The other side is protected by dues and has beautiful sand beaches. The islands are a popular holiday destination over the year. During holiday periods you must make a reservation for accomodation in advance! Off season it should not be a problem finding a place at one of the camping sites.

You can reach Vlieland and terschelling from Harlingen, for Ameland you need a ferry leaving at Holwerd. Avoid bringing your car to the islonads! You can rent bikes there without problem and transporting a car with the ferry is very expensive. Vlieland is closed for cars.

Urban areas

Leeuwarde is the capital and largest city of the provice. Other cities you may like are Harlingen, Dokkum and Sneek. The privice is famous for its "Eleven Cities" skating tour. If the winter is good, and all lakes and other waters are frozen, the whole country will get very excited. The tour covers 11 cities in the province with a total length of over 220 km. Depending on the weather conditions it may be an extreme experience or a nivce tour for well trained people. Sorry, you cannot join. It's open only for members of the society "Frtiese Elf Steden", which has 32.000 members. Since 16.000 paritcipants is the upper limit, you have no chance to join.

Water gate in Slooten

Water gate in Sloten

Friesland ahs a tremendous amount of small villages and towns. Hindeloopen is wonderful, as is Slooten, a very small city with two nice Water gates remaining. You may like Joure for a short visit. For the many others, discover it yourself.

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