Sun flowers near Manthinge



Starts in Assen

Ends in Borger (first day) Emmen (second day)

Length 15 and 25 km

Route description

Route map day 1

Route map day 2

From the railway station in Assen, you have to go to Gieten by bus. Take bus 10 direction Winschoten, or bus 28 direction Stadskanaal. Leave the bus at bus stop "Brink"in Gieten. From there you take an unmarked route to the start of the hiking route:

Walk in the direction of the village church

  • At signpost Y-226 go straight on, direction Eext-Veendam (cyclists)
  • At signpost Y-982 straight on street named Spekstoep
  • At three-way point (house number 14A) turn right, street named Oude Wildevanksterweg
  • After 100m, follow road at signpost nr P-23541
  • Now you are on the marked route.

In Borger you may want to visit the Hunebedcentrum (Note: info page also in English, German and French language, but you need to select the flag on top of the page to view it in your favourite language). This is nice museum about the people who created the "Hunebedden", passage graves built with large stones. You may see 50 of these graves scattered over Drenthe.

One of the "hunebedden" in Drenthe

In Borger you can go back to Assen by bus.

For the second day, reviewers say the distance is much longer (25-26 km) than 21 km as stated in the route description. They also say the route description does not match the signs accurately. So, it may be difficult to find the correct route. It is suggested in the description that you need a bus for the last part to the railway station in Emmen. The map shows different information. The description looks sloppy to me, not really recommended.