Borger "Borger"

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Phone +31 651 852 417

The camping is hidden in the woods between the villages Borger and Rolde. Leave the main road at km 5.7 Sorry, not yet found bicycle nodes.

This site is a real beauty. Its a place in the middle of the wood and there is absolutely nothing. There is a pond with beach where you can sit watching sunset. Its a State Forest Company site. You have leave money in a mailbox, so make sure to have enough coins. Nearest shops are in Borger, which is about 4km.

Mantinge "Voscheheugte"

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Phone +31 593 552 568

The site is half way on the road between Mantinge and Meppen, both small villages in Drente. Look for a large restaurant, from Mantinge its on the left side of the road.

The site consists of a large grass field, surrounded by trees. The field is large, therefore you will not have much shadow during daytime. Its a quiet place, not suitable for children. The guests are mainly elder people with caravans. Not my favourite site. Shops are in Mantinge, about 5 km.

Note: somewhere at this site there is photo with a sunset above sun flower fields. This photo was taken at this camping.

Schoonebeek "De Bult"

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Phone +31 524 532 194

It's a private camping in the South-East part of Drente. From Schoonebeek just follow the signs. It's just outside town direction Emmen, 200 m from the main road.

This camping is one of the best I ever visited. They have several separated fields, each with its own atmosphere. It's a really lovely place to go with your kids. There is mini zoo, lots of vehicles the kids can play with and sometimes they create simple games for the kids. For adults the Mistress bakes pizzas (she's Italian originally). They will be delivered at your tent. In the morning you can order "broodjes" (small bread, freshly baked). On top they are really very nice people. Don't miss this one! If you are there, please visit the zoo in Emmen (right in the center of town).