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Reggepad is a hiking route with a total length of 85 km along the river Regge, which is a small river on the border between the two major regions of Overijssel, Salland (west region) and Twente (east region). The route starts in Ommen, which is a very nice small townd and ends in the village Diepenheim. Note, Ommen has a green camping and a railway station.

You can buy route descriptions at the tourist offices in the Twente region.

The markings look like this:

You can download the GPS file for the route (GPX format)

More information (in Dutch):


This route has a length of 77 km along the river Dinkel, which separates roughly the region Twente from Germany. It runs between the Gronau (in Germany) and Lattrop. You may start in Glanerbrug as well, which you easily can reach from the station in Enschede by bus. Gronau has a train service with Enschede. The route description is available at the tourist offices in the region.

The route markings look like this:

You can download GPS (GPX format)

More information, including a map is is in Dutch.