Water mill


Buurse "De Meene"

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Phone +31 535 696 220

The camping is somewhere between the nodes 81 and 78 on the edge of a small nature reserve called "Witteveen"' The street address is "Markslagweg". It may be a bit difficult to find the location.

The site is partly a normal camping site. A small part is reserved as a Nature camping. It also has a home for groups of young people. Facilities are good, but the places for tents are not, because there is not much grass. Surrounding is really beautiful with woods, moors, brooks. Nearest shops are about 2 km from the camping site (direction Alst├Ątte, just before the German border you find a large supermarket).

Wesepe "De Marsbelte"

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Phone +31 570 531 733

Route: From Wijhe nodes 35-36-57. Between 36 and 57 turn left Velsweg. Camping is at your left hand. From Wesepe: Follow node 57, at the Velsweg the node directs you to the left, continue following Velsweg instead. Camping at your right hand at Velsweg nr 14.

A very good camping, south of the road Wijhe-Raalte. Good grass, caravans and campers are allowed. Facilities for bad weather, freeze. Suitable for a longer stay. Take some time for check-in, the owner likes a good chat! You may need ear plugs, there are many birds at the camping site, making a lot of noise at dawn. Shopping in Wijhe (4 km).

Vollenhove "Landgoed Oldenhof"

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Phone +31 527 241 252

Route: Along the road N331 from Zwartsluis to Vollenhove. At the green hectometre sign turn left (coming from Zwartsluis). The entrance of the estate is about 100 m to the right at a white gate. There are no signs indicating there is a camping site there. Follow the road a the grounds of the estate. At a farm turn right and follow the road. You see a grass area to the right. You can report at the estate house (ring the upper bell), between 17:00 and 18:00. Please note, the toilet building may be locked. You get a key when you report!.

Sample hectometre sign

The camping is a grass field in the small park belonging to the estate. The grass is of moderate quality. Only facilities are a van with toilet, shower and clean water. You can bring garbage to the estate house and leave it there in the morning.

It's a nice site, but only for a short time. You may like to visit the nearby nature reserves "De Wieden" and "Weerribben". Supermarket is in Vollenhove.