Green heart of Holland


Snelrewaard "De oude Boomgaard"

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Phone +31 348 561 415

The camping is between node 69 and 94. It's more near Oudewater than Woerden. If you follow the bike route from Oudewater, cross a bridge after you left Oudewater. Then proceed on the other side(right side) of the water. On you right hand you will find the camping site.

It's a private camping in a former orchard belonging to a farm. Toilets and showers do not look very good, they just have concrete walls and floors. This may have improved. When I visited the site they were just transforming from an old caravan park to a nature camping site. It's a nice place to stay an few days. Oudewater is an awfully nice old town, with pubs restaurants and old houses. One of the top attractions is the "Waag". A Waag is a weighting facility. Here it is intended to find out whether you are a witch. So eat well before trying. You may want to visit the Lopikerwaard, a very nice polder area. Also a town like Montfoort is nice to see. Shops are in Oudewater (2 km).

Wilnis "Amstelkade"

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Phone +31 172408080 (till 17:00h)

From Mijdrecht follow the route direction "Woerdens Verlaat" (bike nodes 57-58-24). From "Woerdens Verlaat" it's easy to use the bike node network, route 24-58-57. It's just along the road.

This is a really very nice camping. It is part of a farm that employs mentally handicapped people. There is a tea garden, mini zoo, playground for the kids and a very relaxed atmosphere. You may need some patience, but the people are very kind. It has a common freeze where you can keep your beer cold and the absolute top attraction: it is allowed to make camp fire. You can buy some wood and borrow a mobile fire place. Also you can rent canoes or just swim in the nearby river. Surroundings are nice with several nice towns and the famous Dutch Green Heart landscape, One disadvantage: noisy because of the nearby Schiphol Airport. Recommended for children. Nearest Supermarket is in Mijdrecht (4 km).