Autumn in Gelderland

North-Brabant has an interesting variety of landscapes. Like in Limburg the population is clearly distinct from the people living in the part of the country that is above the rivers. Roman Catholics, instead of protestants, it really feels a bit like being abroad. They love the good life, carnaval, beer, but also hard working in the many industries in the area, of which Philips a very well known world wide.

Where is it?


In the west, you may find the Biesbosch, a swamp like very wet area with still the influence of the tide coming through the sea arms in Zeeland.

More to the east, you find a mixture of intensive agriculture, sand dunes, moor, woods and a number of industry cities. It is nice, but a large roads with relatively much traffic. Personally that aspect I don't like at all.


Nice larger towns are 's-Hertogenbosch (briefly called "Den Bosch") which is a very nice town with a pleasant atmosphere and Breda. Eindhoven and Tilburg are large industry towns.

Woudrichem and Heusden are both old strongholds. Near Woudrichem you find the mediaeval castle Loevestein, which is well preserved and famous because the Dutch scientist Hugo de Groot escaped from prison by hiding himself in a book case.

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