Castle near Valkenburg



Route starts in Valkenburg

Route ends in Slenaken (first day) Eijsden (second day)

Length 18+17 km

Route description

Route map

This route (I did not walk it), goes through one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. In Slenaken you may find a lot of places for lodging. Bus 57 will bring you to Maastricht.

The start location Valkenburg has a railway station. Slenaken and Eijsden don't have railwaystations. The route description is available at the stations Maastricht and Heerlen. You also may obtain it at the Post Office agency in the Read Shop in Valkenburg (closed on Sunday!!!)


Route starts in Venlo

Route ends in Kaldenkirchen (Germany)

Length 17 km

Route description

Route map

I never walked this route, but people appreciate it. The first part of the route, trhough the town Venlo is poorly indicated. People say they have difficulties finding their way out of the town. Make sure to bring your passport, because you cross the Dutch-German border. The Maas ferry, which you need may not sail if water in the river is very high.


Route starts in Roermond

Route ends in Brueggen (Germany, first day) and Swalmen (second day)

Length is 17+17 km

Route description

Route map

You need to use a bus in Roermond to go to the starting point of the route. Take bus 78 or 178 to Herkenbosch. Leave the bus at busstop Meinweg. In the route description you find information about hotels in Brueggen. Take your passport with you!. The area is interesting from a geological point of view.


Route starts in Maastricht

Route ends in Mariadorp

Length 21 km

Route description

Route map

You leave the Maastricht railway station using exit "Meersenerweg". From Mariadorp take a bus back to Maastricht.

Hills in Limburg

If you go to the province Limburg, you may think its not part of Holland. Indeed, the people there tend to accept they belong to the Netherlands, but they definitely do not consider being in Holland.

Where is it?

Map showing Limburg

The map shows Limburg is the most southern province. The southern part has borders with both Belgium and Germany.


The southern part also has the most interesting landscape. It is rather popular for holidays. On the west side, near the Belgian border, you find the river Maas, one of the three large rivers forming the Dutch delta area. On the very south, the very old town Maastricht was founded by the Romans at the border of the Maas. A bit more to the east, you find the famous hills (see also  Mountains). These hills, the city Maastricht and the not very dutch atmosphere form the attractions of the province. The northern part is less interesting. It is more flat, contains woods, moors and industrial areas. Till the sixties of the 20th century, Limburg was characterised by the charcoal mines. Now only some chemical industry and the sometimes grey industry towns remind to that period.

Using the steam train of the ZLSM, you get a very nice impression of the landscape. The best start location is Simpelveld.

Urban area

  • Maastricht is worth visiting. It is excellent for shopping or for just drinking a beer in one of the many pubs.
  • Valkenburg is the touristic heart of South Limburg. Not a very large town, but it has a beautiful railway station and a mine museum.

For the rest, you will find lots of small nice villages spread over the country.

Aachen is not in Limburg, but just over the German border. Due to the international character of the province, it almost belongs to it.

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