Mill near Braasemermeer (South Holland)


This site is about hiking and biking in Holland or "the Netherlands" as the Dutch would say. Holland is a perfect country for hiking and biking. It's flat and has a lot of variety in landscapes.

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Public Holidays

Read all about the Dutch public holidays. Why should you come to Holland to celebrate Ascension if you love hiking? When are shops closed?

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NS Hiking routes

Introduction and access to route descriptions and maps for the hiking routes of the Dutch National Railway company (NS). Most of them have been described here. Some have GPS, which is a lot easier than trying to read Dutch... Others will come soon. You will love them all...

NS Hiking routes


NEW information B&B Friends on bike, nature camping sites added!

A lot of new information, helping you to find suitable places to stay. I focus on alternatives for traditional hotels and B&Bs. There are some interesting alternatives.

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North-Holland is more than just Amsterdam. It has many old towns and villages, the oldest polders of the country and more. Get an introduction on this updated page.



OV-Chipcard is the ticket system for public transport. Read all about where to use it and how it works.


Hills in Limburg

The biking node network

In Holland we have a very easy to use system to find your way as abiker. It's called "knooppuntennetwerk". Find out how it works! You will love it.

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Leave a message

You can leave messages for me and other readers in the guestbook. Tell me what you think about this site and what information you need most.

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Understanding Dutch is not really easy. Therefore I will prepare some useful glossaries for you. Also, you can invoke a word translation service. The first glossary is for hikers with words occurring in route descriptions.

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Limburg near Schip op Geul


This site is a private initiative from Rudolf Jan Heijink. The site aims to provide information about the Netherlands (Holland) for tourists that would like to visit this beautiful country by bicycle or hiking.


Unless otherwise stated by Rudolf Jan Heijink. The photo's are made in actual weather circumstances, without waiting days for optimal views. So they give a realistic view of what you might experience, The author loves landscapes and small objects like flowers, mushrooms, insects etc. Some photographs come from the wikimedia public picture library.


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