Oyster-catchers at the Waddenzee coast

Holland is a very important country for birds. Every year large numbers of birds come to visit Holland on their trip from North to South or the other way round. Also many birds stay in Holland during winter (especially geese) or during summer, e.g. storks.The oyster-catchers on the photo above are quite common now in the western regions of Holland. You may find them even in the cities. Storks can be found near the Central railway station in The Hague and seem quite common now after a number of bad years when they were nearly extinct.

Especially the coastal regions are popular. In the North the Waddenzee is an area where many birds find food easily at the dry plates during low tide. For other birds the green meadows are very attractive.Of course an important aspect is the diversity in landscapes in Holland, but also the mild climate and combination of water and land are important. I'm not an expert in this area, but even if you do not know much about the birds, it's nice watching them. So I just included some photo's:


Photo taken on the boat to Ameland (province Friesland).

A common view on Ameland.

On the beach near Zandvoort