Notrth Holland. Wooden house in Edam

NS hiking routes

The NS hiking routes consist of a collection of hiking tours for one or two days. These are very suitable for tourists. You can select one place to stay, somewhere in the centre of the country and plan all your trips from this place. All trips start at a railway station or bus stop and will end at a place with reasonable public transport.  You can download the route maps and descriptions for free.  On Saturday and Sunday you should check before the departure times of public transport.

The map below shows the stations where an NS hiking route starts (valid for 2011-2012).


You can download the NS hiking route map in pdf as well.

Below, you find the links to the route descriptions and maps. For routes I walked myself, short descriptions are provided. I ordered them by province, like all stuff at this site.

NS Hiking routes Groningen

NS Hiking routes Friesland

NS Hiking routes Drenthe

NS Hiking routes Overijssel

NS Hiking routes Gelderland

NS Hiking routes Utrecht

NS Hiking routes North-Holland

NS Hiking routes South-Holland

NS Hiking routes Zeeland

NS Hiking routes North-Brabant

NS Hiking routes Limburg

Flevoland does not have any hiking routes.