Schalkwijkse wetering

The Long distance cycling network consists of over 20 routes, covering the whole country.  The routes are marked with route signs, showing route number and direction (directions are marked with characters a or b). An example of a route sign:

Lf route sign

 On the image below, you see an overview of the network:

 LF route network overview

The website has an introductory page in English.

An interactive web page exist, where you can hover with the mouse over the names of the routes. If you do so, the route will be highlighted on the map.

You can download GPS tracks on this page. The page is in Dutch, but I think it's quite clear. There are some notes on the page, which I have translated for you:

  • There is one gpx for each route
  • A single gpx may consist of more than one track, each with up to 500 points
  • The accuracy is 25 metres
  • Loops in viaducts, tunnels etc are not modeled accurately for technical reasons.

You can download a free cycling map for your GPS device at http://sites.google.com/site/openfietsmap/

It has the form of an executable program for a PC, which installs the map in MapSource. Then you can transfer the map to your GPS device.

On the site you may find a webshop, where you can order maps and guides. unfortunately it's all in Dutch. I suggest you send them an e-mail using the contact form if you like to order some of their products. Eventually you can buy maps and guides in Holland at ANWB offices, tourist offices and good bookshops.