Exploding sluice, part of Dutch Waterline

For the Dutch Waterline (Hollandse Waterlinie) a number of biking routes have been created. You can download them at the website www.hollandsewaterlinie.nl.(English home page!) Because the site has only one general page in English, I will give you some extra information to get access to the biking routes.

A good starting point is to download a map (pdf) which gives an overview on the area and includes a fair number of biking routes. For each route the bicycle node points are given, so I think this map is very useful, even you don't speak any Dutch. The map is not good enough to find your way, but nice for an overview. It also shows the locations of the major objects of the Hollandse Waterlinie. For instance, nr 32 is the Plofsluice, shown in the image above. It is a huge container, filled with sand and stones. The idea is to remove the bottom in bad times by using explosives. Sand and stones will fall into the water, blocking the route over the water.

The long distance biking route LF7 (oeverlandroute) passes over a long distance along the Hollandse Waterlinie. You can buy a guide (Dutch only) at the bookshops or tourist offices (ISBN 978-90-72930-41-5).

An number of biking routes:

Location Route
Naarden Muiden Weesp 1. Naarden-Muiden-Weesp
25,3 km
Weesp 2. Uitermeer-Nieuwersluis
33,7 km
Maarssen 3. Maarssen-Voordorp
26,3 km
De Bilt 4. De Bilt-Plofsluis
34,3 km
Nieuwegein 5. Plofsluis-Honswijk
22,3 km
Culemborg 6. Diefdijk-Linge
29,1 km
Gorinchem 7. Gorinchem-Brakel
28,8 km
Woudrichem 8. Woudrichem-Werkendam
26,3 km
Utrecht Fietstocht Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie -...
36,7 km
Utrecht Waterliniefietsroute Utrecht Noord
28,3 km
Nieuwegein, Houten, Utrecht Waterliniefietsroute Utrecht Zuid
37,6 km

If you click on the links, you will see a small Google map. On the right, you can click on download route to obtain GPS waypoints. "Bekijk route" wil give a more detailed view of the route on a Google map. "Route beschrijving" allows you to download a route description (in Dutch).