Ooipolder view on river Rhine

Here you find a glosary with Dutch words you will frequently find in route descriptions during hiking tours.

Dutch English Comments
asfaltweg asphalt road  
beek brook  
bocht curve  
boom tree  
brug bridge  
bruggetje tiny bridge  
derde third  
direct immediately  
driesprong junction of three roads
eerste first  
fietspad cycle path  
fietspad bicycle  
gracht canal  
hek fence  
heuvel hill  
huis house  
ingang entrance  
kanaal canal  
kruising crossing  
linker to the left on your left side
linkerhand left hand  
links left  
linksaf turn left  
molen mill  
na after  
pad path  
paddestoel road sign low square model (lit: mushroom)
parkeerplaats parking  
polder polder  
rechtdoor straight on  
rechter to the right on your right side
rechterhand right hand  
rechts right  
rechtsaf turn right  
rivier river  
slagboom barrier  
splitsing junction  
spoorweg railroad  
spoorwegovergang level crossing (railroad)
tweede second  
tweesprong junction of two roads
verkeersweg main road normally busy with traffic
vierde fourth  
viersprong junction of four roads
vijver pond  
voetpad walking path  
voor before  
watermolen water mill  
weg road  
wegwijzer road sign  
zandpad sand path  


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