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  Scenario authors guide part I v1.0 Getting started with scenario creation    
  Scenario authors guide part II v0.2 Advanced topics Update June 4th 2017  
  Scenario authors guide part III v1.1 LUA scripting for scenarios Update June 4th 2017  

 Train Simulator software downloads LuaCreator

LuaCreator is a toolkit for scenario authors, though casual players may benefit as well.

LuaCreator has several unique features:

  • List all routes and scenarios, even when packed in .ap files.
  • View scenario properties
  • View rolling stock and missing stock for any scenario, including stock that is packaged in .ap files.
  • Create Lua generated messages, without programming
  • Create several Lua scripts from script templates, making scripting much easier

LuaCreator is free, but not freeware. I ask you to help me to create a rail vehicle catalog and more script templates. If you want to download LuaCreator, you promise to:

  1. Provide a LUA script template or
  2. Create catalog input for at least one DLC pack.

Download version 0.4 beta (issued June 4th 2017) here:

LuaCreator v0.4 beta Updated June 4th 2017


Important note:

LuaCreator in principle can replace rolling stock. Unfortunately TS2017 does not recognize the produced scenario files. It is completely safe to use the replacement functions, because it never changes the original files. It may help to open and save the scenario using RWTools afterwards. If you have any idea what causes this issue, please let me know!

 TSW manuals download

TSW Starters guide v0.3 Starters guide for TSW  Update June 4th 2017  


TSWTools download

TSWTools is a small set of tools for anyone using TSW. Not yet much, but it will grow as TSW grows.

TSW Tools v0.1 alpha Toolkit for  TSW users Update June 5th 2017






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